Business Partner Dental Support

This e-learning is part of the Barco Healthcare Partner Training Program for Dental Depots & Resellers.

Course description

You will Learn about Barco’s Service organisation and the warranty provided with the Dental displays.  You will find out what is and isn’t covered, and learn about the various terms and conditions of the Warranty services offered by Barco.

Topics covered:

  • Barco’s Service organization 
  • The services provided to support Dental Business Partners
  • Terms and Conditions of Barco’s warranty services



Target audience

Sales Audiences; Inside sales, Sales, Business Development etc


On completion of this module, you should have an understanding of the Warranty provided with Barco’s Dental displays and the associated terms and conditions.


15-20 minutes



Spoken language



A general Certificate of Achievement “Business Partner Dental Support” will be provided on completion of this module. This course is however part of the Barco Healthcare Dental Training Program, where you will be required to complete all modules to attain the relevant certification.

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